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Hello and welcome on the site of ants.

  It is not only and will not be the last, but here I wanted to put my small contribution to the fabulous world of the ants and the myrmecology.

I wish you a good visit in my WEBSITE...

Begin bye a little reminder...

Animals instinct

Scientist use the instinct word for designate characteristic not learned of animal behaviour. We admire ants who build complicates underground house. We admire the way of capture slaves, milk aphid, or cultivate mushroom. But ants don't "reason" with all that ; They do again what their ancestors do before them, without think about it.

 This ancestral memory that all ants seem to have a at birth is known like name of instinct. The ants appear as talented bye a great intelligence but it will be more correct to say that ants have an very perfect instinct.


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